Becoming the Alchemist- Returning to Origins
This course will be online over 6 evenings 7-9.30pm Uk time.
Cost £250 also includes a one to one supervision with me.  

 Alchemist is the one who works with energy to transform reality. It is now time for   more people to embody the gold, the source within and to connect to the origins, the origins of time the origins of wisdom etc. During this magical workshop I will connect you to your magic carpet within, you will connect to Time, Wisdom, Soul, DNA, Sounds and the Elements. We will connect to the origins of everything. You will step more into your magical gifts and learn to navigate your own and other realities. The journey of Lead to Gold is symbolic of the magical gifts that manifest through alignment with your source self and the earth. Come to this powerful workshop, hear manifested sounds and heal and transform

I have been connected to the path of the Alchemist path over many lifetimes, and I am happy that the source has given me a number of processes and gifts to share with others. During this workshop we will work with manifested source sounds, shamanic journeying and meditation. We will use Shamanic and Alchemic practices to help you step into your Alchemical role and your magical gifts. I will initiate you into the “Magic Carpet of your Self”. We will navigate the origins of everything.

During this workshop we will:

Work with the Consciousness of Time

Where are you with the consciousness of time, what does time have to teach you, how can we merge with time to connect with the gifts it has to offer. You will work with your time Guardians, merge with all aspects of time, past, present and future to liberate and transform. You will hear the sounds of time and practice navigating time.

What wisdom are you connected too. What is your divine wisdom, and how does this connect to the source wisdom. You will be initiated into this and complete practices to learn how to connect to this and use this.

Who are you as a soul? You will connect to the sounds of your divine essence. You will be initiated to embody more of your source self. You will receive guidance as to your divine mission on earth and will receive an individual transmission to help you to move forward.  

Receive an alchemical gift from the universe to help you on your spiritual journey and in your life. You will also connect to the energy of your source name.

Go deep into the consciousness of each of the elements. Be one with the elements and work with combined grids.

To progress on your spiritual journey one needs to be at one with the elements. You will work at a deep level with earth, air water and fire individually and in combination. A merging will then take place to combine these elements into oneness within yourself and in ritual.

Connect to Manifested Sounds
The gateways of sounds of the universe are magical and transformative.  I will open the doorways within in you to connect more of your source aspect and the consciousness of manifested source sound.  What does sound have to teach you. Learn how you can connect to the universal sounds and call them into your reality.

The key to evolution is to be with the frequencies of the DNA. Accessing these codes is available to those who are initiated into access these well-guarded areas to help humanity. It is great and profound work. Hear the sounds of the frequencies of the DNA.

This profound initiation, will help you to connect to the higher  frequencies and more of your spiritual gifts. 

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