All sessions can be paid via PayPal. Or directly into my bank account. If paying into my bank account, please send an email to, confirming payment.

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For those who have studied with me or anyone else who needs a supervision session to explore and receive advice and support regarding your own practice.  You will receive an email before the session, asking you what you would like to explore so we maximize the session benefits.

Cost per 1 hour session  £90

To pay, please pay via the link - CLICK HERE

Mentoring Sessions

These powerful sessions help you to explore and work with how you would like
to move forward in your life. This can be energetically, emotionally or with your
career. During our first session we will explore your objectives and outcomes
that you want to achieve, we will explore this energetically and spiritually, to
help you move forward. I will use my mentoring skills and energetic practices, to
assist you with aligning with and achieving what you would like to achieve. Each
session is 90 minutes via zoom. We will meet weekly or fortnightly.

Cost – for 3 sessions £333

To pay, please pay via the link - CLICK HERE 

Healing Sessions

These sessions are to help heal the mind or body.  When we are going through a crisis, illness or challenge in our lives, there is a need to bring the body back into harmony.  We have 3 zoom calls of 60 minutes each and explore what you would like healing for.  We will then agree a time, when you will receive powerful remote healings transmissions, which last 30 minutes from me to help you heal and transform.

Cost 3 sessions £333

To pay, please pay via the link - CLICK HERE

Ancestral Healing  Sessions

Ancestral healing is powerful work.  We can have repeated illness and patterns that we have inherited from our ancestors. We will explore what inherited patterns, behaviors or illness that you have. Through our sessions together, I will work with channeled information and remote healing transmissions to help you to heal ancestral patterns for you and your ancestors at its origin. For these sessions, we will have 3 zoom calls of 90 minutes each and 3 remote transmissions of 30 minutes each, at a time that is suitable for you to receive.

Cost- 3 sessions £497

To pay, please pay via the link - CLICK HERE

Self- Mastery- 6-month programme 

During this 6 month programme. We will meet online every two weeks for a 90 minutes session.  This programme is for anyone who wants to  achieve self-mastery in your life energetically and physically. At the  beginning of the programme we will explore what healing you need, what repetitive programmes or patterns you want to change, and what you would like your life to look like moving forward.  You will receive homework and powerful healing to help you move forward. We will work with shamanism, ancestral healing and alchemy to help you to become the Master of your own life. 

Cost £2000. You may pay in 4 installments  £500 each.  Instalment  dates to be advised.

To pay, please pay via the link - CLICK HERE