Ancestral Healing Course 2024 – Starts 20th January 2024

Do you hear the call of your ancestors. Join this powerful training. After the completion of this initial training, you can continue on another 9 month training to qualify as an Ancestral Practitioner, as long as you attend 80% of this initial training.

Join this powerful course to heal ancestral patterns, expand your wisdom in ancestral healing, and learn rituals and complete powerful group processes to transform your life. This is a unique course that I have developed, which is a journey through my award-winning book. This course includes processes that I have taught before outside the book, and processes that I have recently developed to improve your connection with your ancestors and to help to you to heal your life. 

 Tuition will be by myself, an expert in Ancestral wisdom and healing and an award winning author of the book; Illumination of the shadow: Ancestral wisdom from the past for the future on this area

The course will be taught on a number Saturday and Sundays. Times are in UK time 12.30-5.30pm. On the successful completion of this course and 80% attendance, participants can proceed to the certified Ancestral Practitioner training which starts in December 2024. Dates to be announced shortly.

Dates 2024


Saturday 20th January 12.30-5.30- Introduction Module 1


Saturday 3rd February – Introduction to shamanic journeying, connection to your power animal.

Saturday 24th February 12.30-5.30- Module 2


Saturday 9th March -12.30-5.30 Module 2

Sunday 24th March 12.30-5.30 Module 3


Saturday 20th April 12.30-5.30 Module 3


Saturday 11th May-12.30-5.30pm- Module 4


Saturday 1st June-12.30-5.30 Module 5

Saturday 22nd June 12.30-5.30 Module 5


Saturday 6th June 12.30-5.30 Module 6

Sunday 20th July 12.30-5.30-Module 7

No classes during August


Sunday 7th September 12.30-5.30- Module 6

Sunday 21st September 12.30-5.30 -Module  8


Saturday 19th October 12.30-5.30pm – module 9

Content of the Course

Module 1
Chapter 1

 Introduction to the ancestral fields of existence

Introduction of participants of the course to each other.

Introduction to the course, and the importance of exploring and healing ancestral fields.  Why ancestral healing is important. We will explore the different ancestral fields of existence, including the ancestral self, ancestors from the stars. We will work with exercises and group work to help you explore these areas.

Module 2

Be initiated into connecting to the ancestors and navigating the ancestral field. Be initiated into the guides that will help you to navigate the ancestral fields including the ancestral gatekeepers, spiritual teachers, tools of power, create your own magical altar, work with the energetic hut. Work with the divination board. 

Module 3 
Chapter 3 and 4


What are curses, types of curses, impact of curses on the ancestral field. 


What are entities? Origin of entities, signs of entity attachment. Various exercises.

Module 4

Collective trauma
Chapter 5

How collective trauma affects the ancestral field. Exploring examples of collective trauma.  Impact of collective trauma, effects of collective trauma.

Module 5
Chapter 6

Exploring the trauma of the mother and father line. Symptoms of individual abuse. And the affects on the ancestral field.

Module 6
Chapter 7

What are thought forms? Origin of thought forms. Effect of negative thought forms on the self and the ancestors.  Energetic structure of a thought form. Working through this structure to heal your own thought forms.

Module 7
Chapter  8

Ancestral illness

Exploring ancestral illness. Learning how indigenous cultures heal illness. Looking at the origin of illness, spirit of illness, and the body. Exploring the DNA as the distortions and the relationship with epigenetics. Exploring the energetic makeup of illness.

Module 8
Chapter 9

Ancestral lands

 Exploring the ancestral lands and the importance in ancestral healing.  Regaining the wisdom of ancestral lands in healing and its the importance. How we can heal the lands of our ancestors and present lands.

 Module 9
Chapter 10

Exploring the gifts of our ancestors, what gifts are being transmitted to you? How can you access these and bring these into your life. Exploring any barriers to connection.

What the course includes

The course includes workbooks. Two one to one supervisions , at different stages of the course. And email support.  Drumming links will be given to help you to complete any meditative journeys during the course.

Requirements for the course.

A commitment to your own healing, and completing assignments and homework that is given.  You will need to buy my book, Illumination of the Shadow: Ancestral wisdom from the past for the future. This is available to buy on the book dispensary, amazon and other online book sale outlets.  You will need a rattle or drum if you have one. We will complete some meditation and shamanic journey work. It is advantageous if you have completed shamanic journeying.  All work is confidential, Completion of these courses will include learning some healing skills, and there will be other rituals, meditations and exercises that are not included in my book.

Cost of course.

The cost of the course is £1350. A non-returnable deposit of  £350 is required to secure your place which must be paid by the 1st November.  If paid in full by the 1st October 2023, the cost would be £1250, save £100. After the payment of the deposit of £350, instalments would be £200 per month due on 1st January, 1st February, 1st March, 1st April and final one 1st May. Please note that if you decide to leave the course or do not complete it, payments that you have made are non -refundable.

All sessions can be paid via PayPal, please see CLICK HERE.

 Or directly into my bank account. If paying into my bank account, please send an email to, confirming payment.

Account Name : Anthea Durand. The co-operative bank

Sort Code : 089250

Account Number : 62021836

Ancestral Practitioner Training 24/2025. Starts Saturday 7th December 2024.

Requirement for certification to attend 80% of the classes have completed part 1 of the training. To complete and submit 3 cases studies using clients external to the class.

Course will be on Saturdays 12.30-5.30pm

Saturday 7th December – 2024

Introduction: Holistic approaches to healing. Boundaries and code of conduct. Completing case studies. Divination practice

Module: Initiation into removing curses safely and easily

Saturday 11th January

Curse Removal Day 1

Saturday 25th January

Curse Removal Day 2

Module: Initiation into removing entities safely and easily

Saturday 15th February

Entity Removal Day 1

Saturday 1st March

Entity Removal Day 2

Module: Divination practice and completing whole healing session

Divination Practice/completing whole healing session

Saturday 22nd March

Completing whole healing session Day 2

Saturday 5th April

Book in one to one supervisory session

Week beginning 21st April

Submission 1st case study on 1st May.

Module: Group supervision and presentation case study

Saturday 10th May

Module : Soul Retrieval

Saturday 31st May

Module :Healing collective trauma

Saturday 7th June

Module: Vows and energetic chords

Saturday 21st June

Module: Divination Practice/Completing whole healing session

Saturday 5th July

Module: Completing whole healing session day 2

Day 1 Saturday 19th July

One to one supervision week beginning 14th July

Submission 2nd case study on Monday 21st July

No classes during August

Module: Initiation into the DNA consciousness

Saturday 13th September

Module: Initiation into the dragon Consciousness for healing and empowerment

Saturday 27th September

Module: Healing ancestral illness day 1

Saturday 11th October

Module: Healing ancestral illness day 2

Saturday 25th October

Module: Divination practice/whole healing session

Saturday 8th November

Whole healing session continued

 Saturday 22nd  November

One to one supervisory session

Week beginning 17th November

Submit final case study 24th November

Saturday  13th December Final Ritual, and presentation of certificates

Cost of training

Cost £2,500.

Cost £2,400 if paid in full.

Course can be paid in instalments

Deposit by 1st October 2024 of £400

Instalments over 8 months, due on the 1st of each month starting on the 1st January 2025 and thereafter on the 1st of each month £262.50.

Deposit and instalments can be made into:

The co-operative bank

Shamanism and Evolving Consciousness ltd

Account number 62021836

Sort code 089250

Or PayPal

Link  here

I hope to see you there Anthea

Anthea is a Shamanic Practitioner ,Alchemist and Author. She is an expert in ancestral wisdom and healing and has been teaching this for over 15 years. Her first book on the subject Illumination of the shadow: Ancestral Wisdom from the past for the future was published in 2020. It has won 3 international awards including the 2020 New York, Big Book awards for best self- help book. She teaching internationally along with completing one to one supervisions, mentoring and healing in her busy practice